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What are Summer Hill Farm's policies and procedures?

Release Forms:

All required paperwork/release forms are to be completed and given to your instructor or trainer before your first lesson begins. Please review Summer Hill Farm's barn safety and etiquette tips. If you have any questions, please see your instructor or trainer. 


24 hour cancellation policy:

Students must call more than 24 hours in advance to be eligible for a make-up lesson and the make-up lesson must be scheduled within 30 days of the absence. 


Barn Closures:

Scheduled and unscheduled barn closures are rare but happen occasionally. In the event of a barn closure, Summer Hill Farm will make every effort to contact you as soon as possible. 


Arriving for Lesson & Lesson Duration:

Students need to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to a scheduled lesson in order to groom and tack up their horse. Private lessons are 30 minutes, semi private 45 minutes, and group lessons of 3 or more riders are 60 minutes. Most lessons are scheduled back to back, so unfortunately, late students will get less time in the saddle. After the lesson, students need to allow for at least 30 minutes to properly cool out and groom their horse. In addition, all equipment needs to be cleaned and put away. 



All parents and spectators are asked to please observe lessons from the viewing areas next to the arenas. For your safety, only staff and students are to be in the aisle ways or grooming areas when horses are present.


If you are dropping off your child for their lesson, the instructor must have an emergency phone number for you. Students need to be picked up in a timely manner. When on the premises, siblings must remain with a parent.


Barn safety & etiquette:

1) Approved riding helmets are required at all times when mounted.

2) No unauthorized jumping.

3) No riding in the aisle ways.

4) Smoking is not permitted on Summer Hill Farm property.

5) Personal possessions and tack are the responsibility of the owner. All equipment should be labeled with the owner’s name or initials. 

6) Do not walk into the arena unless you are given permission by a trainer or instructor

7) No running in the stable or around the horses.

8) Small children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

9) While most tacking up will be done in your horse’s stall, the following guidelines should be used for the grooming areas:

* It is suggested that except for sponging off or other activities that can’t be done in your stall, you groom your horse in its stall to prevent pileups by the grooming stalls.

* If you use the grooming stalls, you are responsible for cleaning up after yourself and your horse. There is a broom, shovel and a bucket in the area for this purpose. Brushes and equipment must be put away, the floor swept, including picking up after your horse should he make manure.

10) Sweep floor from hoof pickings and debris before your lesson begins.

11) No picking hooves in wash stall.

12) When grooming in your stall, do not walk away from your stall for any length of time without closing and latching the stall door. Your horse needs to be properly tied up in the stall.

13) For safety reasons, horses should remain in their stall or grooming area until the end of the lesson before yours. You can have your horse all groomed with boots, bell boots and additional equipment on including your saddle. As soon as the previous lesson is finished, put on the bridle. Do not leave the vicinity while the horse is in this ready state.

What do I wear for lessons?

Riding Attire:

An approved riding helmet and appropriate riding boots with a heel are required. In order for the instructor to see your position better, clothes should be snug fitting without being restrictive. Riding pants or jeans, close fitting top (polo shirt, sweater), and vest or short jacket. Hair should be up under helmet or in a pony tail. Gloves and half-chaps are optional. The following links are local tack stores offering new student discounts on riding apparel. 


What is included in the New Student Orientation packet?

The New Student Orientation packet includes all release forms: SHF Liability Release, Consent for Medical Treatment, and Media Release.

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